US CMS Project Office @ CERN

Location:   Building 40 5A-15  Telephone: +41 22 767 4799

 Mandate of the US CMS Project Office

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   IMPORTANT Safety at CERN - Information for US Personnel

   Checklist for US travelers coming to CERN  Free public transport from Geneva airport to CERN

   Moving to CERN, Car leasing Health insurance, How to use the phone

   CMS Workbook for getting started at CERN

    Getting registered  with the User's Office at CERN, with CMS

   Visa information - short term < 3 months  and long term

   Most direct route from CERN Meyrin to P5 (CMS) - Map

   Life in Geneva - "FAQ" for newcomers

   Getting connected CERN Computer Services and Support Printing

   CERN logistics - CERN Shuttle Moving equipment  

   Links - US CMS (FNAL) US LHC, American International Women's Club