The country code of Switzerland is +41

Most Swiss telephone numbers have 7 digits preceded by a 2 digit area code:

To call CERN from abroad:  00+41-22-767-6111

Please note you need to dial 0 when calling another Swiss phone regardless of the area code:

To call CERN from another Swiss phone: 022-767-6111


The country code for France is +33

Most French telephone numbers have 10 digits preceded by a 3 digit area code.

To call France from abroad: 00+33+450-xx.xx.xx

To call a French number from another French phone: 04.50.xx.xx.xx



Cern offers many telephone services. For more information CERN Telecom Services

All CERN phones have a 5 digit internal number that can be called directly from outside by dialing 00+41-22-76xxxxx from abroad or 022-76xxxxx from Switzerland.

CERN GSM/Mobile Phones are 6 digit numbers in the 16xxxx form. You can call these directly from CERN phones. When calling from outside CERN dial country code if necessary and then dial 76-487-xxxx.

Making Phone Calls from CERN

The Geneva and Vaud Cantons and nearby France can be called direct from all CERN phones by dialing:

0+ 022-xxxxxx for the Geneva region

0+021-xxxxxx for the Vaud region

10+04 50 xx xx xx for France

If you are calling a destination from within CERN and are presented with a digit-driven “menu” where you are required to press certain digits, you need to dial 98 before entering the required digits, in order to disable the keypad functions of the CERN phone.

To make professional calls outside these 3 areas you need specific access right you can obtain by filling this form after getting your management agreement and give it to your department’s secretariat. They will give you a 4 digit PIN code that can be used as follows:

For France

*4 + XXXX (pin code) + 10 + number

For Switzerland

*4 + XXXX (pin code) + 0 + number

For any other country

*4 + XXXX (pin code) + 0 +00 (foreign country) +number




If you want to make an external call apart from your office, you can recover your rights of access in the following way:

 press * 7 "your number of fixed phone" followed your pin code " * 4 and then press 0 (or 10 for France) and your complete number.

*7 + 7xxx + yyyy + *4 + 0 + number

*7 + 7xxx + yyyy + *4 + 10 + number (for France)

For private calls you need to call the CERN switchboard at 76111.

You can set up a voicemail.

Forwarding Services

If you would like to forward your fixed phone do the following:

* 1 = forward all your calls towards a mobile or a fixed phone
* 3 = forward all your calls if your fixed phone is occupied
* 6 = forward all your calls if no answer
* 9 = forward all your calls when your are busy or no answer
# 1 = cancel any of the above forwarding


If you are not in your office and you want to forward your calls from your office to your mobile or another telephone number, you do it remotely with another CERN fixed phone in the following way:

press * 7 + "your fixed phone number” “followed by your pin code " “enter the type of forwarding you wish to program (see question above)” “and the number to which calls should be forwarded”.
Example, to forward all your calls from numbers 7xxxx to 16xxxx :
*7 + 7xxxx + yyyy + *1 + 16xxxx
Cancel your forward remotely = *7 + 7xxx + yyyy + #1


In case of any problems with your fixed phone or for any questions, please call the CERN switchboard 76111 from 8:00 to 18:00 or send an Email to: